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I don't think it's going to have any extra effect either. What though I have $DIS+0.8% so but is the main thing in my opinion I think is the content. So I don't have either, no time to watch it but when I see it at my girlfriend's place, Netflix just has that content more, better quality ...yeah Disney has a lot of cartoons and that's great but kids today have social media mostly and they don't watch cartoons much anymore I think.

I have kids and we have Netflix because Disney has a lot of those fairy tales and some of them I'm convinced they must really brainwash a person :D on Neflix I can put a few in my account and the rest is "locked",super feature

So it's nice that it can be done like that and it's a shame, another thing Disney could work on.

Well, that depends on how they handle it. With $NFLX+1.7%, they sort of managed it if I remember correctly...

So the outflow was slight in the end.

But not dramatically.

For me, they want to differentiate themselves from Netflix, but who knows what they're up to... Hopefully something good 🤔

I hope so,netflix is making a series now where sivak picks from the option of what is supposed to happen (it probably has a technical name,but I don't know it) so I'm curious

I added Disney plus to Netflix mainly because of the nice price. So I don't subscribe to either service anymore because I don't watch anything, but if Disney were to get more expensive, I'd rather go with Netflix, which I think has a better offering.
I also don't dare guess what it might do, but I think those who already subscribe probably will continue to do so.

We'll see :)we have Netflix mainly because you can set what exactly will be shown to the children's account :D very good feature ;)

I believe that. 😁

When I look at the projected price, they are still doing very decently compared to the biggest competitors. On the other hand, the highest number of account cancellations was in India, where they pay completely different prices than the rest of the world ;) the ideal scenario would probably be if they just moved to an ad-supported subscription.

Good point, Neflix actually did that somewhere (or wants to do that), that the cheapest subscription will be cheap but with advertising, so they might make even more money on that than on the more expensive subscription

So far the results look good

It's hard to predict. We have seen the situation with Netflix, there may be the same, but also a completely opposite reaction. We will find out in the next earnings. 🤔 They should be paying a dividend already! 😅

That's right, the muses and the muses have the same script as Netflix. We'll see

It's pretty cool in India so far.