S&P 500 ^GSPC 4,998.06 -1.45%
Meta META $429.74 -12.92%
Microsoft MSFT $390.89 -4.44%
Amazon AMZN $171.36 -2.96%
Alphabet GOOG $156.54 -2.83%
Nvidia NVDA $813.46 +2.10%
Tesla TSLA $164.72 +1.60%
Apple AAPL $168.63 -0.23%

Technology stocks are up tens of % this year, some by more than 100%. For example, $META-12.9% stock is up 140% for the year and $NVDA+2.1% stock is up 180%. I'm increasingly regretting not buying tech stocks sooner and buying more of them. However, I still bought some tech stocks. I was buying $AAPL-0.2% stock at $133 and then I was still buying $GOOGL-2.7% stock at $98.

What tech stocks do you have in your portfolio and at what prices did you buy them?

And that $NVDA+2.1% 138.00 (last year) 😅

I looked it up and the latest purchases are:
$GOOG 89.23

$AMZN-3.0% 92.90 and before that 87.85

$MSFT-4.4% 249.87

$AAPL-0.2% 129.63 (last year)

$META-12.9% 161.06 (last year)

That's some great shopping. I'm sorry I didn't buy the other big tech stocks.

That's a nice Apple you got there! :) I didn't catch much of anything either... we'll make it next time.

Exactly, we'll make it next time. There will be plenty of opportunities :D

It will :)

$GOOGL-2.7% 87-91$, $AMZN-3.0% 92-94$, I looked at $TSLA+1.6% when it was at $107 and only because I was greedy and waiting for 100... so I missed the bottom at 102 which was at the turn of the year. I've learned from that mistake that the price doesn't have to drop to my internal value, it just needs to move even slightly at that level and I'll just reduce my "margin of safety"...

Great shopping, I also sometimes wait for my calculated price, but I've also been taught that if the price is a little over, it doesn't matter at all.