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I recently came across a company called UnitedHealth Group that I found very interesting. UnitedHealth Group is an American healthcare and health insurance company that is one of the biggest players in the US healthcare and insurance industry. The stock of this company has been rising for a long time and looking at the chart you can see that the stock is very stable. The company's fundamentals are very solid. I would very much like to include $UNH-2.0% stock in my portfolio, however, the stock is currently expensive and if the share price goes below $460, I would probably buy.

What is your opinion on this company and do you have $UNH-2.0% stock included in your portfolio?

$491.23 -$9.90 -1.98%

Great tip. Adding to watchlist

In a word, quality, and quality is what? Of course, they pay 😀 For a more favorable share price, I would have no problem adding the company to my portfolio.

I agree, I would also buy at a lower price. As you write, quality comes at a price :)

It certainly looks interesting but as you write at today's prices it's already overpriced, admittedly a P/E of 22 isn't terrible but I'd still wait for a slight drop.

I agree, the price is really high at the moment.