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Hello to all investors. Hydrogen is getting a lot of attention right now, and with good reason. It has huge potential in the world of future sustainable energy and technology. Companies such as Toyota $TM+0.0%, Air Liquide $APD-0.3% and Linde $LIN are playing-0.4%the hydrogen investment and infrastructure card. Clearly, they see a real opportunity here. What do you think about the future of hydrogen? Does it have a chance to succeed in the future in different sectors?

$230.41 $0.11 +0.05%

I don't follow it much, but from what I read here, I should probably start. I mean, I'll definitely find out some information about it.

I'm sure he will have a braid, but for now he's taking the reins of the electrics and will continue to do so

This is a fact, but even so, its development and application is growing and will continue to grow.

I'm a big fan of hydrogen:) but again I rationally take into account that the infrastructure is exposed to electricity

There are a lot of these companies and I don't see a clear leader (in hydrogen). But the sector has a future for sure and so I have in the clean energy ETF. The fact is that production has already been mastered and the challenge is storage where hydrogen will definitely have some application.

Yeah, I see it the same way and there will probably be more leaders as hydrogen has a wide range of applications.