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Have a great start to the investment week folks. 😊

There's certainly a lot coming up this week, I'm looking forward to more summaries as well, anyway what caught my eye were the short numbers around $NIO-7.8%, which I noticed is quite popular here. I'm not personally invested because I'm scared of the environment in China, but I understand that some see the potential here and this report was quite surprising to me how promising they are.

As of 8/20/2023 around 27 million battery replacements. 26 millionth battery replacement was on August 1. It took 19 days for 1 million swaps, that's 55,000 swaps per day. So one swap every 1.5 seconds. 😲 $36 per swap, that's about $2,000,000 a day for NIO and the network is said to be just beginning and will grow massively in the next few years!

In other news: - ET5 Touring renamed to ET5T for the larger family market. "The ET5T has already sold more than 4,500 units in just one and a half months on the market, far exceeding the combined sales of all touring models under premium brands including Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo for all of 2022, according to sources."- CNEVPOST.

So, I'm not very knowledgeable about cars and this car company in general, but those numbers, the number of battery replacements, so I understand it as a service, it seems impressive to me and it shows that at least in this aspect the company has potential, the desire to develop. So hopefully for the holders of $NIO-7.8% stock a positive news on the loss of the new week. 😊🍀

So those are great numbers, and it looks like the company is going to do better and better.
Thanks for the summary :D

Yes, the numbers look very nice and hopefully so, I wish that for the shareholders even though I don't invest in them myself, somehow I just don't trust China. Thanks for the comment. 😁

I don't own NIO stock either, as I don't trust China. But I wish the shareholders well.

News nice :) I think I'm going to increase my position again...

And how much did you start at? 😊

Somewhere in the neighborhood of $65? :-D I just placed a purchase order :)

I had no idea those battery swaps were growing in popularity so quickly. Very nice. 👍

Me neither, overall this is beyond me but I know the company is quite popular here and it surprised me too, it's an interesting business.

The numbers look awesome, let's see what the quarterly results show. But the wildest thing right now will be the environment in China, which will drive the share price.

Exactly, well I remember you also like them and as a company they look quite appealing, but what an environment, now again the US and China are not exactly on the best of terms, when if they would just work together. I don't know, personally I don't understand the politics and the relationships.

The way I see it, in short, the struggle for the first place (superpower) has nothing to do with friendship. My allusion is more to their real estate market, that's where it will need to be watched. And while it's risky, it's already slowly spreading Nio outside of China, once it bites into the US, there will be less to worry about again. And of course, still hit that profitability.