S&P 500 ^GSPC 5,071.63 +0.02%
Tesla TSLA $162.13 +12.06%
Nvidia NVDA $796.77 -3.33%
Amazon AMZN $176.59 -1.64%
Apple AAPL $169.02 +1.27%
Alphabet GOOG $161.10 +0.74%
Meta META $493.50 -0.52%
Microsoft MSFT $409.06 +0.37%

I'm investing in the whole index as part of my retirement portfolio, but in the form of TNA

I don't have one directly, I'm more considering investing in that index as a DCA, what do you think, from an index perspective does this one make more sense or maybe the dividend aristikrati one? ...I know this is a pretty non-deterministic question because everyone has their preferences, I'm more interested in performance, I'm not really into indices yet but I want to include something in my portfolio.

To each their own, both are a different cup of coffee, if you like the jingle of dividends and a bit more certainty I'd go for the Aristocrats, with a bit more risk aversion I'd go for the Russell. Overall I'd say the Russell after the crash is at pretty interesting price levels, but it really depends on what kind of investor you are and what would fit in your portfolio.

Exactly, but I was still interested in your opinion. 😊

Aaron's Company $AAN - Company specializes in the rental and retail sale of furniture, electronics, appliances and computers.

I've already registered this company, what do you see as its potential in the future?