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Tesla TSLA $142.05 -3.40%
Amazon AMZN $177.23 +1.49%
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Films about investing and finance

My favorite movies about investing are, of course, The Wolf of Wall Street and Bet on Uncertainty. After that, I also really like the movie The Swap and Margin Call. I recently watched the miniseries Eat The Rich : The GameStop Saga, which is a wonderful look at the GameStop case and what was going on, and for example how the broker Robinhood got involved. It is unreal how one person on YouTube "moved" the $GME-3.9%stock price depending on what he said in the video to other investors.

What are your favorite movies or TV shows about investing and finance?

I'm surprised good old Bet on Uncertainty (Big Short) didn't make an appearance here ejkejej Mr Burry 👌

Yes I mentioned Bet on Uncertainty, but the film hasn't been mentioned in the comments here yet. The Wolf of Wall Street and The Uncertainty Bet should be seen by every investor :D

Everyone probably knows most of these movies/series, so I'll include something more recent, at least in terms of treatment, Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street. It's a miniseries about one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in Wall Street history.

Great, thanks for the tip. I'll watch the movie, as the Ponzi scheme interests me and the stories with it are fun :)

If you enjoyed GameStop, don't skip the history of Uber, I think there should be a movie on it, but I know it from youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISIjlRExdpE

Thanks for the tip :)

Thanks for the tips, I'll definitely check something out. So far I've seen The Wolf of Wallstreet and then the beginnings of Apple and Microsoft in the movie Pirates of Sillicon Valley.

Great, I'll watch the Pirates of Sillicon Valley movie. Thanks for the tip.

So I have to say, the GameStop saga was perfect👌

So I have to say, the GameStop saga was perfect👌

So I have to say, the GameStop saga was perfect👌

I agree, it's a great miniseries :D

There's a series on Netflix where the creators explain how what works... There's a lot of financial stuff on there, too, and that's cool.