Only when the exchange is open :)

I got it anyway.

Depends on the pre-market price. If the stock is not volatile, it is fine even when the stock market is closed.

Then it depends on what volatility means subjectively ;) meaning if the price must not move an inch..

Sure, it always depends on the situation, but let's say within the lower tenths of a percent. It's mostly about sentiment for me.

As long as the price is good and I know that 99% of the time there is no risk of anything bad, I don't have a problem with placing an order at night to buy the next day. Otherwise, definitely not.. 🙂

I've done that once so far and it makes sense to me this way :)

Personally, only when the stock market is open, I like to set some kind of limit and when the stock reaches it that day or that week, I buy. I think of the weekend as Poles Sunday. Everything is closed so no buying. :D

I understand:) I have it just the same