So we have finally arrived!

One of the biggest problems that has weighed on $MMM+0.0% stock is finally over. 3M has finally agreed to pay $6.01 billion to settle nearly 260,000 lawsuits by current and former U.S. military service members who claim they suffered hearing loss while using the company's earplugs.

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The money will be paid mostly over the next five years, said a person familiar with the deal. Some analysts' estimates of the company's potential liability from the earplug lawsuit were as high as $10 billion, so this is very positive news.


And I sold them yesterday 😁 with no loss and a mini profit no.

Great, more information like that. It's made it possible for me to shop this company at great prices. I hope others were able to make it too :)

It's still a great price. 😏

They are :)

This is finally good news, I've been watching for longer to see how they resolve this dispute.

I'm watching too, but I'm kind of over the mood to invest here, how do you see it?

I'm only watching$MMM+0.0% and wondering how the lawsuits will turn out. I'm not invested myself either, I was pretty worried about that.

So is today another good day for 3M shareholders?

It could...Yesterday, after the gap, the price fell a little bit, but it kept a substantial part of the gains. That's always a positive.