I just expanded my position at Nio $NIO-1.4%. The results have been poor as expected, but that doesn't change the longer term vision. The number of deliveries will slowly start to stabilize, what will be more important for me is the results in the coming years, new products (cars, mobiles and infra expansion) and expansion. Possibly even possibly partnerships, there has been speculation over BMW. Fingers crossed!


NIO Inc.

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I can't really imagine a partnership with BMW, that's pretty wild :) but I still share the same feeling and look forward to the future of this company :)

Well, inconsistent results, let's see what happens next.

Gap almost closed, that's an incredible sentiment with disappointing results.

As soon as it opened, you could shop at nice prices. And already today the stock has delivered the reward of solid appreciation. Nice👍

So NIO is not supposed to be anything special but there is still speculation around collaborations and everything you write. It's only a matter of time before this company surfaces... I if the price is around 10$ I have no problem buying whether the results are bad or good I'm looking at least 2-5 years ahead when they might not be in the red. And then we probably won't even see that stock at $10 or $20.

Yeah, well, it's a gamble for some people. The numbers aren't good yet, but there's confidence in the company's future. It still makes sense to me, though, with the risk:reward ratio.

There the reward can be really big I think. That's why I still believe in NIO, besides if it was a dead stock, they wouldn't be interested in Oslo taxi,BMW and others 🤷‍♂️🙂 I see the potential is great and who knows thanks to some such cooperation NIO can really have a step towards profitability.

That margin decline doesn't look good at all from what I've been watching. I'd be careful.

It's certainly not good, but it was kind of expected. Plus the price war and the competitive environment with EVs, it's going to give any newbie a hard time.

Cool, but it was expected. That Tesla price war is leaving its mark everywhere, not that it isn't.

Undoubtedly, this is a big blow to any newcomer.