I didn't make it in time... :)

I've built a smaller position, I'd increase if the price continues to fall.

I would have bought at that price too, but unfortunately I wasn't online at the time.

It happens, but it's not impossible that we won't go there again.

The final price looks like nothing actually happened. The results just disappeared in that...Good buy👍

Nice work, I just watched it go down at the beginning of the trade and then it went up. I have a question, how is that possible even after the company reported bad results? Sometimes companies announce a little better than estimates and the stock responds by falling x%. In this case, we recovered the loss within a few hours.

It could be the high daily average of trades, it could be that it was more or less counted on, and it could also be a promise that the next few months will be about something else - more deliveries and therefore more numbers.

Thanks a lot, I was quite surprised.

My friend speculated on the rebound and reaped quick profits. But for me, it's not investable at this point.

I understand the numbers aren't good right now, so it may not make sense to some people.