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How do you feel about the streaming giant $NFLX-9.1% at the current price point? The stock has experienced a tremendous fall and subsequent steep rise, is this stock attractive to invest in or do you have in your portfolio?



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Netflix is a great company, but I have $DIS+0.2% stock in my portfolio.

$DIS+0.2% seems to me a much better choice now.

I see it the same way :D

I don't see a growth future in this as it is a highly competitive industry. Plus the dependence on top and origo content creation? It would be another thing if maybe Microsoft bought them, there has been speculation about that.

Does MSFT have the cash for it? That would be a hell of an acquisition.

I don't like Netflix's output lately at all... the pressure on all LGBT whatever, wherever, as long as everybody's happy... so I wouldn't go for it now... after the crash it was a great opportunity but now I'm not really into the foundation

I have a lot of reservations about the creation too, I agree.

But for me, it leads to the fact that I stopped watching it altogether and soon I will cancel the sub... and now the question is how many of us are like that :)

Agreed, I almost don't pick a title on Netflix anymore.

I'm sorry, but I don't like this business. The pressure to produce a lot of quality content because of the high competition. P/E over 40... I prefer it to ASML and other company .

I agree.

Good company. They're still investing heavily, but that's part of the business. I don't buy it now, but it was interesting on the low ones.

Maybe we'll go there again sometime, who knows. :)

It is certainly possible ;)