Investors, what about the US presidential election? It's slowly approaching. Can it move the market in any way, or does the president have absolutely no effect on the markets there? I have not been in the markets long enough to have experienced several presidential terms.

I have read some rumors that the market tends to rise more after the Republican candidate is elected, but is that even true? Opinions?

I can't even tell and judge whether it is or not. However, I am very interested in the presidential election and will be watching :)

I agree, I'll follow along. :)

Cool :D

Cool :D

It might not have had a complete impact, but the data shows that the markets behaved rather positively after the election of the new president. If it were two completely different candidates, I would be watching.

I'm also interested in the reaction and especially if they would grow more after a Republican is elected.

Well, on election day there is the possibility of a small movement that could be caught intradenominally, but it's a crapshoot :)

I think we could talk about maybe less regulation, lower taxes for corporations if Trump is elected... In general, maybe a pro-business policy, but it's hard to say yet.

Yeah, that's possible.

Does Trump have a company that's publicly traded? I guess that's where things could be moving... :)