Have a great Friday, we've already covered where you invest in your kids here once. Now I wonder if you have any tips for teaching financial literacy to your little ones. I'm throwing in the Cashflow board game right now, and for the smaller ones, I thought Racing and Betting was cool too.

I don't have kids, but I also find board games cool where you work with money somehow and there are also a lot of apps on your phone nowadays.

I haven't looked much for the app yet, good idea thanks

I haven't really looked for a mobile app yet. Thanks

There will be plenty of those apps, and they don't have to be primarily focused on finance and money.

Nowadays, there are bound to be great apps in the form of games on your phone, so if the kids are already on it, they might as well learn something. :)

I'll look at some.

Great. :)

I don't have kids, but I'd probably opt for riskier tech titles. Add to that a few "cool" investments and it would be😀

Super thanks

There are many versions of Monopoly, from the classic Landlord's to electronic banking, I'm all for trying them all.

We're going for it :)

So I don't have kids yet, but in general I like board games too and the ones you mention are great, even as an adult I like to play them. I recently saw on the app store and then an article on czechrunch an article for a new game, an app/web that is by a Czech and is also an investment, it's called Sim Companies ...haven't tried it yet but I'm going to try it out now this weekend at work. 😁

That sounds interesting:) thanks for the tip

Another pretty cool game where there are stocks and other things but playing it man alone so is Business empire richMan.. for an adult what it in a few days prokoukne probably nothing special 😁 I as there had already a trillion so I stopped having fun....

I've played that game :D and it's really really good you rely a lot on people who have to supply you with some stuff to make yours. It's definitely not about investing like stocks etc. but I'd say it's more for future entrepreneurs a lot. :D

Really so cool, I'm going to try it too, even though I'm just trying to limit my time with games, but it looks tempting. 😁

That sounds really cool:)