Investors, which stock in your portfolio is the most profitable this year and how much % is it up ?

In my portfolio, $GOOGL-0.1% stock is the most in profit this year by 39%. I would very much like to see $NVDA+1.4% stock in my portfolio, however somehow I have not focused on this company and unfortunately I have not bought the stock :D.

It's clear here. $PLTR+0.9%

Can I ask approximately what % is up in your portfolio?

Sure, 42%, but I see that $TSLA-4.2% is +56%, but in dollar terms $PLTR+0.9% earned more on paper.

I envy you... :-D

Don't worry, one day the price will go up enough to get you more. :¨)

I envy you... :-D

I also started out at around $24, it just took a nice drop in the dips. :D

What was the highest price you actually bought $PLTR+0.9% at? :D

For me it's $PLTR+0.9%. A rating of over 140% is really awesome.

That's a very nice assessment. Congratulations :D

Thank you. The stock really shot up this year.

For me $MSFT-0.8% +38% and already closed trade on $SOFI-5.2% +119%. $NVDA+1.4% didn't make it either, but I understand why I didn't opt for Nvidia. The price seemed exorbitant to me from the crypto boom.

Great, a realized gain of +119% is already pretty good. Congratulations! :D

For me it's $AAPL+0.5% +32% :)

Yep, Apple's coming along nicely👍

Yeah, it's a little stumbling now but otherwise I can't complain :)

Great, I'm also up over 30% on this stock.

Nice :) So you've been holding it for a while too