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Apple has introduced a new generation of iPhones. The price remained the same as the last generation. Apple will also stop producing iPhones Pro Max with the lowest memory.

Here is a selection of analyst reactions:

Analysts at Morgan Stanley wrote that one-year estimates remain unchanged and China will continue to weigh on the company's stock in the short term, but there is potential to improve expectations for 2024 .

JPMorgan analysts wrote that while product prices have not been effectively raised, making the best model more expensive may result in a deterioration in the product mix. The new models remained within expectations, according to the analysts.

Analysts at Evercore wrote that stable average product prices may help upgrade the consumer cycle: "no surprises are sometimes a good thing."

Analysts at Wells Fargo wrote that the event was within expectations, with prices and product memories remaining unchanged. The event offered "incremental updates and few surprises."

For me, the classic 15 iPhones will sell a lot. They could be the biggest numbers since the iPhone 12. I think those sold a lot.

I hope you're right. 👍

that makes two of us.

So am I. I'll probably contribute to them this year after all these years :)

It's true that 15 have a user-set price already agreed + dynamic island from 14 pro could record it, so we'll see, anyway 12 really sold a lot.

That's true, but I think it might sway users just 12 like me. Next year it'll be like from 13 to 14.