How do you see the $DIS+0.0%? :D Poor Disney has been suffering for quite a long time and although I wanted to invest in it a few months ago, in retrospect I'm rather glad I didn't.

However, the price tag really doesn't let me sleep. We are at 2014 prices! The company is definitely further along than 2014 for me. A tempting offer or a continued decline? How do you see it? :)



$101.50 -$0.02 -0.02%

I have such mixed feelings about it :D. The stock has been down for a long time and I don't like that at all, however the share price is currently great and I'll probably overbought next week.

I'm going to start at the end of the month :)

$DIS+0.0% has been better off, but I think it's going to break at some point. We're already down pretty deep. I have a position and I'm not looking to overbought yet. Maybe at lower prices again.

I don't think we're just going to go below 80, some news would have to help. I rather think we're going to hang out some time to the side between 80-90 in the future but I see growth there no less if it's going to be two three five years no one can tell you but Disney as a brand and other things it has I don't think it's going to be a stock that's going to go slowly into .... :) And as we know from Buffet the best investment is a good stock in their bad periods be disney is doing well so you probably won't see it much below 100usd. That's my opinion I have Disney but not too much, I'm cautiously buying in for now I'm not going in headfirst because I have other stocks that are tempting me even more at the moment either through the dividend or good price and sector but as these stocks go above my buying expectations I have no problem throwing something into Disney yes the PE is high on the other hand for me the brand is not going away for sure and will be around for another XX years...

Continued decline for me, at least for a while.

Well the profits are quite similar, only the debt and margin are a bit different;)

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