Lately I've been thinking about including $PEP+0.2% stock in my portfolio. Pepsi stock is not currently at a bad price at all, as confirmed by the indicator here on Bulios. If the share price gets below $175, I would be happy to buy. Some might find the current share price expensive, but looking at it from a long-term perspective, the stock is currently at a great price. A lot of people will probably prefer $KO+0.4% stock , but I probably like $PEP+0.2% stock better. However, the two companies are very similar and I think it almost doesn't matter if one buys KO or PEP stock.

Do you have $PEP+0.2% or $KO+0.4% stock in your portfolio and at what prices are you buying ?

Alternatively, you can vote in the poll whether you are Team Coca-Cola or Team Pepsi.

$168.69 $0.40 +0.24%
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I'm Team Coke and I really like this event :)

Yeah, I get it. $KO+0.4% stock is great :)

I have both in my portfolio and would vote for both again :)

That's not a bad attitude. Why not just have them when the opportunity is there :)


I would buy both of them, but then again I buy for more money, which I don't know if I want to.

Cool :D

1. Why not buy both?
2. Why wait for the 175USD price that may or may not come and not take them for 180USD? The difference is absolutely negligible.

I don't think I want to buy both. However, I agree with the price, the difference is tiny and it doesn't really matter if I buy for 175$ or 180$.

I beg to differ - you need to be very strict when shopping. Even the promiles add up in the long run. Then, of course, it is in our interest to keep some margin of safety.