What is a better investment for you? Sony $SONY+0.2% with its Playstation, or a competitor in the form of $MSFT-1.2% with its Xbox? Who could be the future winner in the game console sector?

Who knows, maybe $AAPL+0.7% will step in and the future of gaming consoles will hang on plugging our Iphone into our TV/monitor and using our handheld computer. I'm referring to the boost with the new 15pro at 4x the GPU power. What do you guys think? Could this be a future gamechanger for this area? :)

I'm of the same opinion as the others. Playstation is the better console, however, as far as stock goes, $MSFT-1.2% clearly leads.

I agree.

Playstation is a better console, but a better investment in my opinion is $MSFT-1.2%.


For me, Playstation is clearly leading the way, but in terms of investment, it's the exact opposite for me.

Sort of... Do you see the possibility of competition from Apple?

I personally don't think they have any ambitions in the gaming industry/consoles, but maybe in the future I can see possibilities in the Vr/smart glasses they have coming up, or I imagine they would make a Ps Vita-like product that fans would appreciate, but I doubt any A console honestly.

I don't think the question is quite right. Both consoles are pretty irrelevant to them because they make almost nothing on them (more like a loss;)

Well, I was referring more to the future of this gaming sector, when AAPL may step in with its solution.

If Apple wants to get into gaming they should start buying game studios. There are much better margins on both HW and they can use IP for the streaming biz.

I'd be quite interested to see who among those iPhone owners actually use it for some serious business where they will use that power. Can any peripherals be connected there like a PC?

I've never really been into consoles, I prefer video games on PC. It would be interesting to see Apple get involved in this jurisdiction. I don't think plugging a mobile into a monitor (anytime soon), but why not maybe its own platform. Surely they must have thought of it by now.

I'll answer you directly on this one, I'm also not into consoles at all, never even owned one. If anything I prefer the pc and there as you write, it would be very interesting in my opinion if Apple would venture more into this sector. You can already run super quality games on a Mac, but it's a limitation because enough games just don't run on macOS ...well, but if that obstacle was removed and they maybe even added on HW gaming, I think that would be fully enough to get a boatload of new customers. 😊

I agree with you, this could be the next step forward.

I don't think it's realistic in the near term either, but it could be on the table for the future.