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Evergrande Group and its shares continue to fall on fears of a possible collapse of the company.

Evergrade, which has become a symbol of China's real estate problem, continues to fall 19% to 32 Hong Kong cents (4 U.S. cents), which has reduced the company's market capitalization to just HK$4.2 billion (US$539 million). Evergrande has lost 99.9% of its value since its peak in October 2017.

The company ran into trouble earlier this year when it warned that its plan to restructure its foreign debt could be in jeopardy because of regulators in China. The market is nervous about Evergrande's possible collapse, which could have a strong impact on the Chinese economy. The company is trying to restructure its huge debts, which stood at $328 billion at the end of June. If the reorganisation fails and Evergrande fails to reach an agreement with its creditors, it faces liquidation and a halt to all operations.

How do you view the current situation in China, along with the real estate market there? Do you see this as a strong risk to investing in the Chinese markets?

That chart is really crazy. This doesn't look like a healthy company from the looks of it anymore...The price per share is under $0.5, but 6 years ago it was $32.

Agreed, we'll see what happens next.