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Amazon $AMZN-0.1% is still quite a long way from reaching its highs, down nearly 4% after today's declines. Is now a good time to start slotting this giant into your portfolio? :)



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I've been thinking about buying $AMZN-0.1% stock for a long time, but I'll wait a while for a better price.

What price is acceptable to you?

If the stock fell below $115, $110, I would probably be buying.

I got the stock at lower prices, so now I'm just waiting. I like their cloud and other services.

I see, what's your average purchase price?

If you want it for a long hold, I'd start anaredit if it goes down further.

Of course, I'm mainly a long-term investor in these stocks at the moment.

So, too.

Still waiting for a better price, no need to rush the deal.


Agreed, the price is still higher. Obviously over the next 10 years maybe, maybe not but I believe we have lower purchases and I think some of that decline is still to come.

Is it quite possible, at what price would you shop?

I wouldn't be hasty either. 😊