New claims for unemployment benefits (30 September):
current value: 207k
market expectation: 210k
previous value: 204k / revision: 205k.

Continuing claims for unemployment benefits (Sept 23):
current value: 1664k
market expectation: 1671k
previous value: 1670k / revision: 1665k.

Trade Balance (August):
current value: -58.3 billion
market expectation: -59.8 billion
previous value: -65.0 billion / revision: -64.7 billion

The markets are reacting with a decline, but it is not as bad as the past days. Let's see what happens next, October will hopefully be calmer but I think November will be tense again.

Next week's CPI. 😊

Oh yeah right, thanks for the reminder, I'd completely forgotten about that, how tense I am now about the November Fed meeting and the continuation of that postponed debate about the next budget funding, the US debt. 😊

I'll also join in thanking you for the reminder!

I'm definitely expecting a quieter October than September, then I'm curious too.

So the results season is starting... it could be volatile again.