With the economic situation we have here and in the U.S. market today, what do you see as a better investment? Is it more dividend, value and long-term stable stocks, or is it more worth investing in riskier, growth titles with a vision for the future right now? Thanks for your opinions. :)

I try to make my portfolio mainly value stocks, but I do have some growth stocks in my portfolio.

I see, what value tags do you own?

These are such classics as $PEP or+0.2% $CVS+0.8%.

I invest more in undervalued dividend stocks.

I understand.

Personally, I stick to the exact same strategy as always - i.e. look for heavily undervalued companies regardless of sector/division etc. Short term pain can bear fruit in the long run.

You're definitely right and I practice this method the same way, but at the moment I find better opportunities in more defensive actions.

That's a fact! They are definitely cheaper than some tech etc.