I'm thinking of listing a PUT on $NIO-1.4%, and probably some CALL spreads to go with it.

Yeah, I get it. I don't understand this at all, but good luck.

Did you finally write out the handcuffs? 🙈

So, in the end, not $NIO. I wrote a PUT on $SOXL+2.3%, a PUT spread on $SPY+0.4%, and CALL spreads on $NVDA+2.0% and $META+1.9%.

I already bought them.

Can I ask what kind of stock?

It was a lot of stuff. Something like $KO-0.2% $PEP-1.1% $TGT+0.0% $O-1.6% etc. The ones where the clouds are now and they're carved out by the bonds.

I'll see by the price movements of the stocks on my watchlist, i.e. $ENPH-3.9%, $PYPL+0.8%, $BABA-0.2%, $KWEB-1.0%, $VWAP.BR,...

Great, that's quite a lot. I don't know some of the companies mentioned, so I'll check them out.

I have great confidence in all of these, so I hope they don't let me down... 😁