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Today the markets are posting more green values, and it's been making me wonder for the last few days whether it's worth buying classic SNP etf in the current situation, or pouring a bit more money into $BTCUSD+0.0%, which I find much more tempting at current prices. Plus, I fully trust Bitcoin in the long run. What's your opinion investors here? These days, BTC or SNP? :)

Depending on what your investment time horizon is, long term I would definitely reach for etfk, if you tolerate higher risk I wouldn't be afraid to enter a short term trade at the moment, although I'm not a fan of BTC.

I'd rather see it as a longer-term position.

Of course, it depends on who has a different view:)

I guess it depends on your tolerance for risk, I wouldn't buy either now, but if I had to choose, I'd be more likely to buy the SP500... I like stocks. 😉

So what would you buy? ;) personally, I have a long way to go and I can take the risk without any problems.