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Microsoft plans to launch its own AI chip next month!

Microsoft is reportedly planning to launch its own AI chip to reduce its dependence on Nvidia in particular.

The chip will be similar to Nvidia's GPUs and is designed to run data center servers. This makes the chip less power-hungry. For data centers, power consumption is critical because data centers run 24/7.

The emergence of Microsoft's plan comes shortly after Reuters reported on Thursday that OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, is considering making its own AI chips.

This looks very interesting, can we see a battle between $MSFT-0.3% and $NVDA-4.4%, what do you think?

This could shoot MSFT up 🤔

Not that he's not up there already, but it could send him even further.

We will see how the share price will develop after the completion of the acquisition of $ATVI+0.1%.

Yes :)

So it's definitely an interesting step and I think it's a good one, it's going to create a bit of competition again and that should be good. On the other hand, Microsoft is already strong enough and if it manages to make its own chips ...well, great news for shareholders. 😊

I'll join in with the approval! :)

😊👍 ...would you buy at what price? ...like we probably won't look there, I don't know, but if we went to $300, just a little under would be enough so I would definitely overbuy

I agree, Microsoft is already a really huge company that operates in a lot of industries and is expanding its reach even further with this. Great news for shareholders, now to complete the acquisition of $ATVI+0.1%.

So, it's been a long time coming but it should be done by now. Then how do you feel they will preserve the $ATVI+0.1% stock I have a position there and I'm wondering whether to pick it up or let it continue after the acquisition.