Investors, how are you doing in your investing career beating the SNP 500 index? :) Let's be honest, not many people can do it, but there are certainly plenty of investors who can. Are you above or below the long-term performance of the index?

Personally, I am currently about 2% below the index since I started investing.

Intraday playfully, but my classic portfolio lags some 2% behind.

Investors, how's your journey beating the S&P 500 index going? It's a tough feat, but some certainly excel. I'm currently about 2% below the index since I began investing.  Do you require the best auditing dissertation topics in the UK. So don't worry about it. I am here to assist you.

I'm about 18% above the index since I started investing, so for the last year and a half, hopefully I can keep it up! Luck has undoubtedly played a big part.

I'm about halfway through the year so far at what the index has been doing for the whole year it's about 10% let's see if I can keep it up or beat it. :) But this way for me it's probably stupid to take it it takes some more stable time because individual stocks can shoot up or vice versa and the index what we'll be is more stable... I would evaluate it in 5 years or so and not for example a year or less... :)