Here we go!

The UK antitrust regulator CMA has approved the revised deal for the acquisition of game developer $ATVI+0.1% by $MSFT-1.2%.

How do you feel about this acquisition, which has been dragging on for over a year. I haven't found a report anywhere on how it will work out with shareholders, does anyone have any information? @lukasandel and I discussed this in a recent post.

Do you own shares of $ATVI+0.1% or $MSFT-1.2%?

It's been dragging on for a really long time and it's great that it's getting finished. I don't own shares of either company, but if $MSFT's-1.2% share price gets below $300, I'd probably buy already.

I'd buy under $300, too. Microsoft to me is a very high quality company.

Exactly, I fully agree :D

MSTF will buy all the shares, so ATVI will be delisted. Personally, I've already sold it and my money can work elsewhere for now, because I don't know when it will actually sell.

As I wrote on another comment, thanks for the info. This is the first time I've experienced this situation since I've been in the market so I wasn't aware of the next steps. I'll also sell it today to let them work and profit further elsewhere. 😊

Thanks for the info, I didn't know how it would be. Do you like the steps of $MSFT-1.2%?

I don't follow MSFT that much, so I can't judge their intentions. I keep their biggest competition in the form of SONY and Tencent, so I am curious how they can cope with ATVI IP and if they will improve working conditions, relationships and thus efficiency and creativity in the company. Anyway, I can say that the buyout offer came with perfect timing and both parties benefit from it.

Hi, you beat me to the news today, morning free, get up, chill, finish homework, read and then write, ready to post and wham, there it is. 😂 Yes, we talked about it and good news for me, I was cheering them on. I have both companies, both nicely in the green, and am now rather curious as to how the $ATVI+0.1% stock will do ?

So Victor explained it to us, how do you perceive these actions by $MSFT-1.2%? Do you like their involvement in gaming?

I'm not much of an extra player, the only thing I've played and could continue to play, I have an account is Wowko. I love the game, but because it's quite addictive I only pay for it once in a while, anyway I see this as a plus as well, it could bring some revival, ideas because I'm sure it will touch the development teams somehow. Mostly I take it from a for-profit perspective next to Microsoft. 😊 What about you?

I own $MSFT-1.2% and for me it's great news:)

Exactly, another part of the market that is "controlled" by $MSFT-1.2%. I have a few pieces too so I'm happy.

Great :)

Me too :)