Have you completely all the shares, or do you still hold some?

Only part of the

I got rid of CEZ altogether last time

So you wouldn't buy CEZ shares now?

Not at the moment. :)

The last time I sold to the company was in July this year, due to portfolio rebalancing.

I see, may I ask what kind of stock it was?

It was a lot. In some places I was closing the whole position, in others I was just reducing the exposure. It is worth mentioning $TTD+2.9% $SHOP+4.9% $TEAM-0.7% $NET+0.7% $UPST+2.6% or maybe $SE+3.0%

I'm not selling anything right now, and since I'm still in the red on most of my positions I'm just buying and reducing my buys.

Great, I'm doing the same :D