For me it's technology, $MSFT-1.7% $INTC+2.9% next is solar company Meyer Burger, this company is now under pressure from cheap solar panels from China like every solar manufacturer.

I don't know Meyer Burger, but I'll check it out.

Look at them, now they're under pressure from Chinese tanning salars. I think they're undervalued now.

The sector, well now I guess REITs and solar $ENPH+1.5%...but before it was technology, of course as they got high and various threats grew, I was selling and just kept $AAPL-1.5% $MSFT-1.7%...maybe mistakes, maybe not selling something with that, we'll see ...but now it seems high to me, so I'm trying to find cheaper companies that might also have potential.

I understand, and I feel very much the same way. I'm a tech, I haven't sold stocks, but I haven't bought that many of them, thus currently my portfolio is quite led by REIT and healthcare stocks + ASML stocks.

Exactly, well, the big tech one needs a bigger correction in my opinion because it's expensive to buy there now. What kind of health care do you have? ...And ASML, definitely probably a good choice too, I'm watching that one but not buying yet, I'm thinking I have enough of those chips already, but I'll see 😂

$PLTR+1.0% $TSLA-0.9% $O+0.3%

Great, so it's quite diversified.

Nooo... I have a rather aggressive portfolio... :D

Technology, banking, reit, energy, food (all of which I have plus or minus the same)

Great, what stocks do you have in your portfolio from the food industry?

I don't know if it's actually going into the food industry, but currency, Coke, Pepsi and Coke