Ryanair is great, but I'd say there are more interesting pieces in the valuation segment. And there won't be few of them. The dividend is interesting news.

Which ones, for example? Thanks

AAL, DAL, UAL come to mind. They have higher debt, but maybe DAL has a great EPS outlook.

This sector is very interesting and over the winter and spring I want to focus on this sector and then perhaps with some short-term trading on the shares of companies in this sector at best make a profit.


The seasonality is there, I'm not an expert on them either, but this year I managed to make a profit on $DAL+3.1% thanks to the seasonality ...this company is growing nicely it's true, although there are factors that Slavomir mentions for example. On the other hand, you need to fly a lot and these are probably the cheapest lines with the most flights, so that could be their strength in wide availability.

Great :) in the long run I find them great

Me too, but it was better to buy before the results. 😁

I don't have airlines in my portfolio yet as I don't know them that well, but I like Ryanair very much at first sight.

So far, so good

Oh, yeah.