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I was surprised by a piece of news on social media today. The company $META-0.3% introduced a monthly payment (for us 299 CZK/month) for their social networks without ads or you can still use it for free, but you have to agree to customize the ads, so they take quite a bit of information from you. Interesting move to "get around" EU regulations while continuing to benefit from ads more and more. What do you think of this move?

I don't really like the idea either, and as others have written here, most social networks are time guzzlers and not good for anything. However, it's a clever move to get around it.

If you don't work with social networks, yes.

Exactly, there are people who use social networks effectively and maybe even make money thanks to them, but in that scale it is a small percentage of people.

For me, this is already too much of an intrusion into my personal information :)

Does this mean you won't use meta social networks? Or will you pay for it?

Personally I have already scrapped 90% of the networks, especially these networks are a waste of valuable time.

I'm curious to see the next results and how it translates into the economy. So the price is quite out of line for me (if I calculate correctly the gross income per user is about 75czk/month), moreover when it is very difficult to find out that even after paying the fees you are not the data source for their algorithm.

In my opinion, just to view purposefully content (Even if nereklamniho) the user anyway the source to give for the algorithm will inevitably be.In the context of that subscription downright wrote: We will not then use your information within the ads.

So in the context of another, they will use it anyway.

I am also curious about the results:)

Thought targeted content (although maybe targeted is too :D )