S&P 500 ^GSPC
Tesla TSLA
Microsoft MSFT
Amazon AMZN
Nvidia NVDA
Apple AAPL
Alphabet GOOG

I'll join in as well, and I'll probably even completely uncover the cards because I don't have it in percentages. Anyway, anyway in 2024 I'd like to try to market the story somehow as they say. I've been through business failure and bankruptcy. About a year and a half ago I was starting from scratch with a clean slate. Well how do I stand for that year and a half. I have $11k in stocks, there currently yielding around 17% for this year. Then I have 32k in gold and about 15k in crypto. Yes, unfortunately the least there, although I believe it will go up in 2024, but I haven't caught the bottom and don't want to buy at those prices anymore. Oh and I always keep 2-3 payouts in the bank as a reserve, but it's not appreciated because it's so I can use it immediately. And then on Revolut I have another $1k ready to go. I always change funds there because of the exchange rate and send funds to the exchange in $1k increments. 😊 ...so I don't hold much in cash right now. Just cash for any emergency needs.

Thanks so much for sharing, your story is admirable. Nice bit of travel in a year and a half, just in terms of mindset. Fingers crossed!

Thank you, I'm trying. I've been changed a lot by the crash and as you write, it's a lot about setting it up to just put it somewhere, save it and not go and just enjoy it. I'm trying and I just want to show people that you are as they say, you can weave a whip out of shit. A little bit of sports lingo. 😂 ...It's not easy at my age when I'm more expected to build a family, but my goal is to build a 1 million czk portfolio to do something with it. Thanks and may you do well too. 😊

If the reserve is not counted, about 15% of the portfolio

Yes, I meant without reserve. Thanks!


Now I have 10%, do you expect a decline next year and therefore see an opportunity to buy? I have a nice appreciation on $MSFT-1.8%, but I don't know what to do with it...

It's more of a buildup due to closing positions that I think are "wrung out". I don't want to buy too much when everyone is this greedy. I expect the momentum to fade at least partially in early January - I'll be ready.

Yeah, I totally understand. I'm going to get my cash😊

0%. What's the point of cash after the end of the bear market if I believe the bottom has already come and any extra capital can be raised through credit? Anyone who wasn't worried in January can only laugh at any savings or repo funds today.

The current bull market has been running for a good couple of weeks, so there could be opportunities to take some profits.

Depends on what you have in there. If he has accumulated long-term US bonds or small caps, for example, he is only at the beginning of the rise in anticipation of falling rates.

I keep 20% in my cahs for emergencies, etc.

Currently 6% but that's only because I'm still wavering between $VLD-3.7% and $MRNA-1.4% the 6% is from extraordinary gains and therefore is destined for 🚀/⚰️ tomorrow I'll bet it and it will be zero again. I stick consistently to DCA regular investments from regular income to ETF safety right away (for a solid annuity they should theoretically be enough and I know even that safety is relative but what isn't 🤷‍♂️) and irregular from extraordinary to riskier (I know VLD is probably already pure gambling😂) investments but also always as soon as possible. 🤞

So you're not even trying to time the market, regardless of the macroeconomic situation? Maybe reasonable, I'll naively keep trying. 😁

Well yeah I'm totally fine with the question of what for when I really don't have the capacity anymore😂

I'll add 🚀/⚰️ are (should be) disruption technologies and the investment horizon is 5 years + to give the company enough time to grow or go bankrupt so I guess timing doesn't really matter that much.

Directly with the broker, it is currently about 5% of the portfolio.

With a broker, it's better to hold less, I think. At most brokers, the interest percentage is quite low.

Exactly, most of my cash is in the bank, of course.

It will depend on the case. I get a 5% credit on my USD account. 😇

Well I invest for years so I don't sell much and I have cash in my portfolio so 3% sometimes 5-10% at most. I tend to do it so that when I want to buy stocks I take it straight from the bank and buy it straight away. In the bank I usually have only 30-35% cash for rent etc. With a reserve for a few months. Because I don't want to get to the point where I have to sell shares for rent or something else hence the reserve.

I understand. I would also hate to be in a situation where I would be forced to dip into a stock portfolio.