S&P 500 ^GSPC
Nvidia NVDA
Amazon AMZN
Tesla TSLA
Microsoft MSFT
Apple AAPL
Alphabet GOOG

I use the app and have looked at the stocks, however they are currently too expensive.

Now yes :)

I'll be hoping the stock will drop for a short time and I can buy :)

I have been using the app for the last few days. It's probably not as attractive to Czechs as it is to people from the US or England. Some of the translations are not perfect, sentences are repeated...However, it is an interesting company , but I think it is too expensive. If you look at the market capitalization and compare it to other companies that have been on the market for decades and generate a very decent amount of cash every quarter, it doesn't go to my head. The market is irrational. But if anyone has a different opinion and sees hidden potential, let me know :)

I'm learning Spanish, but in English and it works great :)

I use the app for learning, although sometimes I find it not to say easy, but as if over and over again and sometimes nonsensical emphasis on an,a or the 🙈 and in other cases different words, translation or what to call it, than what I would use for a word I know from colloquial and for example from the series. ...anyway, I have been holding the "cord" for over 100 days of active use. But for now the free version is enough for me. And investment-wise, for the long term, also as Karel writes, I don't know if it has room to grow yet, I managed to make a speculative trade on it. I took a scalp there about cc move of 10$ upwards, but didn't hold for long. Should I get out of it? ...I don't know well, so if you were buying somewhere lower and you still have a nice profit there, I'd maybe set a stop loss somewhere and wait to see how they move on, but the app is great for me. 👍😊

You always want to do a test and then it will move you on, so that it is not so repetitive:) stop lottery ticket I already have there,, so we will see

So let's make it work out with the best possible appreciation. 😊

I'm not an investor, but I have to admit that I got an email saying "you don't want Duo to be mad at you" when I didn't pay attention to him for a few days. 😂👍

Yeah that makes me think poor Duo is going to be sad again:D

I wondered if a subscription would make me more compelled to turn it on daily, but in the end I didn't try it. I'll reconsider! 😁 I won't consider it as an investment.

It made me ;) I didn't miss a day.

I'm sorry! How many day streak is it already?

I don't pay anything and I go 1263 days;)

That's decent discipline - hats off to you! What language is that? Or languages?

That's good. I've been going for 553 days straight. I'm taking Spanish, but in English. I mean, in one.)