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Greetings in the new year 2024 investors,

I'm honestly very curious to see how the stock markets will do this year, but also the mortgage and real estate markets and the overall macroeconomic segemnt.

But we also have cryptocurrencies that I would like to ask you if you are following them and how do you think bitcoin or ETH in particular will perform in 2024?

Let's all be green this year!

🍀Only with BTC beware of sell-the-news, I'm not exactly a specialist but from what I've read there might be something to it. 🤷‍♂️

I'm not an expert at all, just an enthusiast :D Anyway, even such a situation could happen.

The real estate market is going to interest me a lot this year. Whether it will somehow take off again with lower interest rates. I wouldn't worry about BTC at all this year, it's got a great run.

I'm more optimistic about real estate this year than in previous years, I think it won't be drastic, but there will definitely be some kind of start. I'm very excited about BTC.

I also think the real estate market will wake up again. The time to buy, I think, has already come.

I expect BTC to be the best performing asset in 2024, as it has been for most of its existence;)

Even though I've long been pessimistic about Crypt, I think that will be the case in 2024.