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First investment day of the new year and a nice jump for Modern. $MRNA+0.0%

More things in the market caught my eye today, but this one won. 2023 hasn't been a good year for pharmaceutical companies, so that has created a variety of opportunities. I was surprised by Moderna's jump today. The company certainly doesn't need much introduction, more info possibly in the stock finder here at Bulios.

The stock jumped a nice 15% or so today, at the time of writing we are not yet at the end of trading. Oppenheimer analyst Hartaj Singh was more optimistic about Moderna's potential, highlighting several potential product launches in the next 12 to 18 months that could boost sales in 2025, continuing through 2026.

The upgrade follows an unsuccessful 2023 for $MRNA+0.0%, whose only commercially available product is the Covid shot. Shares have long been tied to the vaccine and fell nearly 40% last year as global demand for Covid products plummeted as well. However, the company expects Covid vaccine sales to grow in 2025 and beyond as education about Covid and spending on awareness of the disease increases.

In a letter to shareholders, Moderna reiterated that it expects sales to grow in 2025. The company highlighted its RSV vaccine and the possible approval of its combination shot targeting Covid and influenza, which could come "as early as 2025."

Analyst Singh also said Moderna could seek FDA approval for its experimental cancer vaccine in 2024 or 2025.

Moderna also said it plans to launch up to 15 products in the next five years.

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So, did anyone take advantage of the downturn and buy the stock when it was around $70 apiece? 😊 For me personally, this environment is getting riskier as they are only "sucking" on if their vaccine, product works and if not, millions in development are gone. However, for those who are close to this, I believe they can find the "golden grail" here 😊.

Very interesting, however I don't think I want MRNA stock in my portfolio as I have PFE in my portfolio and that is plenty enough ( about the only losing stock in my portfolio was PFE stock and that was over 15%.

I'm not going to it either, it would have to be another pandemic for me to try to trade, otherwise no. Well, the PFE at least gives you dividends, so I'm sure you can sit it out. 😊

I hope so, but it doesn't make me happy yet😁😂

Thank you for the info. I've stopped watching them altogether, maybe it's a shame, but it seems too risky for me

I'm scared to do it, too. Maybe a shame though, because I noticed when the stock went down, but I kept thinking, damn this could sink ...so congrats to those who went for it. 😊

Like, the possibility that it could sink is/was high

The start of the year, unlike other titles, is very decent. I don't own the stock and don't exactly plan on buying this company, but I'm keeping an eye on it :)

We're the same way, I don't have it either and don't plan on going to it, but I have it in my watchlist. 😊 I kind of follow all these companies after covid. What if something comes up again so I'm ready to capitalize on it. 😂

At the last minute for 97.66 Well it can go down sharply if something goes wrong is clear that's why I have it in my folder 🚀/⚰️😂

What do you mean you have it in a folder, I don't know that term. 🙈😂 Otherwise that's why I'm scared, well, I was trained by Novavax at the beginning of investing, again if they get it right, it'll be a ride. 😁

I didn't know either until I worked briefly in an office where everything had to be in the right "folder". :-)