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After a decade of rejection, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is poised to rule on bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) trading. If approved, the ETF will be offered by 13 companies including BlackRock.

Furthermore, investors are eagerly awaiting the upcoming bitcoin halving, which has driven significant price increases in the past. Charts published by Ali show that past halving has led to price jumps of more than 6,000% and 400%, respectively.

I'm not a huge fan of cryptocurrencies, but I'm really looking forward to at least Bitcoin's journey this year, what do you think about the near future of this cryptocurrency?

I'm very interested and looking forward to seeing how it goes, not least because I started investing in BTC before the start of the new year.

Oh, great, that's very similar.

Cool :D

"I'm not a big fan of cryptocurrencies, but this year I'm really looking forward to at least going the Bitcoin route."

I don't really understand this one. For example, I'm not a fan of altcoins so I don't care about their price ;) are you interested in the price rising or are you curious if it will go to zero or what exactly is your interest in that (if you don't own any cryptos)?

I have always been more interested in stocks and companies (I like to read company reports, income statements, company plans where I can see tangible results and the work of companies. Thanks to that and macroeconomic news, one is able to gauge when it is/isn't worth investing in companies).

I don't see this with cryptos as a whole, but I still follow them in my own interest, as I'm primarily interested in earnings. I don't like small cryptos, but I see market strength and interesting opportunities in bitcoin and ETH for example, so I'm interested in this year's progress (I'm honestly expecting interesting appreciation and am considering opening a longer term position.) Also given the interesting news I mention in the article for example.

Thanks for the reply, it's a bit more clear to me now. If I may advise, I would be more interested in why to own BTC regardless of its price. Then one is better prepared for the high volatility and bad news.