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Apple Vision Pro Headset, pre-orders begin January 19

I know there are quite a few $AAPL+0.0% lovers here so this is not to be missed. In my opinion a product that not many people will reach at first, but in time it will be a top product like the Iphone today, which almost everyone already buys on a regular basis. 😊

Pre-orders will open at 5 p.m. Pacific time on Jan. 19, according to Vision Pro's product page, and will hit the U.S. market on Feb. 2, the company said today. $AAPL+0.0% also said prescription lens inserts for the Vision Pro will cost $149 and the glasses will have 256GB of storage. They will be powered by the M2 chip and will cost $3,500.

The Vision Pro boasts a new operating system, called VisionOS, along with an input system that allows customers to control it with their eyes, hands and voice. Apple says several productivity and creativity apps will work with the Vision Pro, including MS Office and SalesforceSlack.

With the new headset, Apple wants to change the way consumers experience gaming and video content. Users will be able to watch video from Apple TV+ and many other platforms on a virtual reality screen "that appears to be 100 feet wide," the company wrote in a release.



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For example, UBS expects Vision Pro's revenue could be around $1.4 billion, a "relatively insignificant" amount. What do you think, will Apple's $AAPL+0.0% get past the $200 mark this year where it can already hold? 😊

I'm also curious to see what the final will look like. Have you seen the official advertisement for Vision Pro?

I have seen it and I'm fascinated, I'm looking forward to the reviews and when someone from the Czech Republic will have them or review them, for example Petr Mára.

I'm curious about the reviews

Me too, I'm looking forward to Peter Mara getting them, or at least trying them.

I just tried the latest META ones and it's a good experience

I'm curious to see how the glasses catch on in the market.

At the beginning, I think it will be very slow, before it is fully developed, enough applications are created, but I believe that it will be the top in this area.

I also think that consumers will get used to the product. Theoretically, it could be similar to the watch.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about it. I'm almost certain that AAPL stock will get above $200 this year, however, I don't know and have no idea if Vission will be that "revolutionary" for Apple.

Initially definitely not, I don't believe so either, I think it will take some time to develop proper apps for it. Otherwise, I'm also counting on a value above $200 a share this year.

I agree, it will take some time and maybe in a few years it will be something similar to the Iphone and I would be comfortable believing that.

Like for gaming and moving around in virtual reality at home in the room OK but in public 🤷‍♂️ glassholes really aren't forgotten yet. I hope Apple isn't going to do that.

So I agree that walking around town with it is stupid, but maybe in the office why not. It's not perfect in appearance, but how do you fit all this into some little glasses? ...but I believe it will only get better, now that I read that there will be a power problem at the beginning, the battery it has won't last long so it will just sit somewhere by the cable anyway. 🙈