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The future impact of artificial intelligence on US elections

Do Kwik
19. 1. 2024
2 min read

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, assures the public that AI and the U.S. will remain stable regardless of the outcome of the presidential election. With growing concerns about the influence of technology on the political process, Altman stresses the importance of measures to prevent the misuse of AI in election campaigns.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, has spoken with equanimity about the future of artificial intelligence and politics in the United States, despite Donald Trump's landslide victory in the Republican caucuses. Altman stressed that regardless of the outcome of this year's presidential election technological innovation and artificial intelligence will remain consistent with democratic values.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum Altman underlined the importance of measures to prevent the misuse of artificial intelligence in political campaigns. In the context of growing concerns about the potential influence of technology on the electoral process, Altman stressed that despite previous election cycles, he is less worried about manipulation through AI.

Cooperation with the US government

OpenAI, a company active in artificial intelligence development, in the context of the upcoming presidential election has issued new measures to prevent the misuse of its technology in political campaigns. One of the measures is an outright ban on the use of ChatGPT in a political context.

"I think our role is very different from that of distribution platforms like social networks or news publishers. Of course we have to work with them, so it's like you generate here and distribute here. And there has to be a good conversation between us."
Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI

Discussing the future of AI regulation in the U.S., Altman said the adoption of new safety and security standards is key. He reminded the audience that President Biden issued an executive order last yearcalling for new standards for security, privacy, and civil rights enforcement in AI.

Altman believes that OpenAI's role is different from distribution platforms. However, he also said the company must carefully monitor and ensure strict control over its tools to prevent their misuse in the political environment.

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