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-Wayfair $W+0.0% has announced plans to reduce its workforce by 13%, equivalent to approximately 1,650 employees.

- Layoffs is primarily focused on management and executive positions.

- A third round of layoffs starting in the summer of 2022 is expected to save the company approximately $280 million.

- The layoff announcement triggered A 10% increase in the stock of Wayfair on the markets.

- CEO Niraj Shah stressed the strategic nature of the layoffs and the need to allocate resources efficiently.

- Wayfair has responded to the increase in staff during the pandemic, which it now describes as "excessive".

- The layoffs have aim eliminate inefficiencies and improve the structure of the company.

- During the pandemic, Wayfair experienced a sharp increase in businessbut with the current drop in demand, it must adapt to the new conditions.

- The company plans to focus on small teams and more junior positions.

- Despite sales forecasts and a positive outlook for the future, specific data on the impact of redundancies and the achievement of financial targets will need to be monitored.

Do you think this move by the company is the right one?

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