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Investors, do you have $ASML+0.0%stock in your portfolio ?

Shares of $ASML+0.0% are up about 10% after yesterday's results and I have to say that in my portfolio this jump was quite noticeable.



$908.21 -$1.36 -0.15%
Fair Price: $765.43
Msfaytdg: 41.01%
Dostupné pouze členům Bulios Black
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I'm considering buying one, even though the price is already high.

The price is very high at the moment, but I believe the price will get much lower during the year 24.

Can I ask at what price, when approximately and why?;)

So I don't really think it will go down significantly, or rather, if the market goes and big tech goes, maybe it will go down with them too, but I mean I can't say if it won't and when, but I guess I'm not seeing something there. What would be the reason that 2024 will go down?

I'm watching the event and considering joining.

For me, the price is currently very high but I would shop around the 700 price point.

Congratulations, I remember we talked about going for it, so it's worth it now, unfortunately I didn't end up jumping in.

Thanks, but 2024 isn't supposed to be the best year according to the company and analysts, so it's quite possible that it will drop again. However, I'm happy with the purchase as I've been shopping around at some pretty nice prices.

It doesn't matter if it drops, on the contrary, you'll need to buy a lot, the purchase price is great and I don't think it will go below that. 😊

ASML reported zero growth for 2024 in the last quarter, they also announced the order queue and it is currently at record levels. The market is counting on that, so there would have to be something new that the market doesn't know about yet. Looking to 2025 when a couple of new factories will be completed and the latest 300-350mio machines will go in.