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📊 Interesting events of the coming week! 🚀

Have a nice Sunday evening, here's a list of what I think are the most important news items coming up next week.

Keeping a close eye on these events can be key to successful investing and making the right decisions. With earnings reports from the most important companies in the market and a speech from the chairman Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. These reports have the power to influence stock market events for weeks to come. 📈

CB Consumer Confidence - Tuesday

An interesting indicator for tracking sentiment among consumers.

JOLTS Job Openings - Tuesday

Job vacancy data can provide insight into economic growth.

Microsoft $MSFT+0.0% Results - Tuesday

How is this giant holding up in the tech world? I thinkMicrosofthas the opportunity for a very good year, with AI and products where AI is involved already starting to make their way into the results. What's your view on Microsoft for 2024?

Alphabet $GOOGL+0.0% Results - Tuesday

Google brings us some interesting news. I'm particularly interested in the growth in Cloud services and how it is fighting the competition. What do you expect from Alphabet's results?

AMD $AMD+0.0% Results - Tuesday

In the chip space ,AMDis among the top performers. Will AMD also announce a worse outlook than Intel $INTC+0.0%, or will it stun the market?

Boeing $BA+0.0% Results - Wednesday

With this company, I'm mostly interested in how it is able to fight off the competition.

ADP Payrolls - Wednesday

Employment data can be a key indicator for the economy.

Fed Policy Decision - Wednesday

We'll finally learn what the Fed's view is Fed on the announced economic data. The decision of this authority affects investments for all of us.

Powell's press conference - Wednesday

Powell may reveal the direction he's taking Fed. Do you think he will surprise us?

Initial Jobless Claims - Thursday

Key data for tracking the employment situation.

ISM Manufacturing PMI - Thursday

Manufacturing activity can be an indicator of general economic health.

Apple $AAPL+0.0% Results - Thursday

For me Apple brings a slight tension, with iPhone sales data out of China I don't expect very good results. On the year 2024 I don't find Apple stock too interesting. What do you think?

Amazon $AMZN+0.0% Results - Thursday

The e-commerce giant shows us how it treads online stores.

Meta Platforms $META+0.0% Results - Thursday

How are the social networks that fall under Meta growing? Will the company's stock continue its run from last year, when its price rose o 170 %?

ExxonMobil $XOM+0.0% Results - Friday

How's this energy giant that provides an interesting dividend yield?

Chevron $CVX+0.0% Results - Friday

Another player in the energy field. How does it hold up against its competitors?

US Employment Report - Friday

An overall look at employment in the country. This macroeconomic data affects the entire market.

Let's be prepared for an interesting week in the financial markets! Personally, I have a positive outlook for the week ahead. Do you have any buying/selling planned? 🌐💼

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