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What Professor of Finance Jeremy Siegel thinks about the current market situation!📖

Jeremy Siegel, renowned professor of finance at Wharton Universityis known for his compelling analysis and predictions in the field of investing. His research and opinions are often key points of discussion in the field of economics and markets.

📈 According to Jeremy, there is a possibility that stocks will appreciate by another 8-10 %. But crucially, Siegel stresses that the bull market in equities is not dependent on theFed's actions on interest rates.

🌐 Siegel's optimism stems from the remarkable strength of the U.S. economy, which could boost corporate earnings growth. He's pleased to note that a robust economy is better for stocks than rapid rate cuts by Fed.

💼 Despite the performance swings of some tech giants, Siegel points out that stocks remain relatively well valued. Even with some growth titles trading at higher P/E he sees room for upside.

📊 According to published data, U.S. GDPgrew at an annualized rate in the most recent quarter 3,3 %indicating sustained growth despite tighter financial conditions. This increase strengthens hopes that the US will avoid a recession in2024.

🚀 Siegel, in his recent interview with CNBC, remains optimistic that theS&P 500 index can to grow by as much as 10 %. Although the market entered a bullish period last year, there is potential for further positive developments.

🤔 What do you think about Siegel's prediction? Do predictions from analysts or people you know carry any weight for you?

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