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Today I would like to remind you of the fantastic results of the company yesterday $AMZN+2.1% for the last quarter! 💼📈

Amazon (AMZN) is at the forefront of digital transformation with a tremendous impact on global markets. Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, originally as an online bookstore, it has grown into a giant ecosystem encompassing online commerce, cloud services, streaming content, and many other industries. Their pioneering approach to e-commerce, the rapid expansion of AWS (Amazon Web Services), and constant innovations such as Prime Videoshow that the company is not just selling products, but is becoming a key player in the technology and business world.



$176.76 $3.60 +2.08%
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$176.76 $3.60 +2.08%
Fair Price: $171.94
Uyvdlwmu: 55.70%
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✨ Revenue recorded solid growth of 14 %with online sales jumping by 9 % and physical stores by 4 %. Most positive was the excellent growth of third-party retailers, which saw up 20% increase! 🌐

🚀 Incredible growth in other areas as well - subscriptions increased by 14 %, advertising by a whopping 27 %, and AWS scored 13 %. Those are results worth having! 💰

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a global cloud services platform offered by Amazon. AWS is one of the world's largest cloud service providers and plays a key role in transforming digital business and IT infrastructure.🖥️

📊 In terms of financial metrics, operating income grew by up to 383 %, and free cash flow for the last twelve months has reached +36 billion USD.

📈 Shares have reacted positively, rising up to 8 %! 📦

$AMZN+2.1% is a market leader and provides innovation in every way. What do you think of this giant's results and how do you see the growth opportunity for 2024?

It is good to see how their previous investments are paying off and how they can manage costs effectively. A significant part of their income is already generated by recurring/high margin services and they can then build on this to expand into new sectors such as healthcare or invest in other companies such as Rivian or Anthropic.

I recently heard the CEO talking about their competing project for Starlink, so I'm curious what that will bring them in the future. The customer will always benefit from this competition between two of the richest egomaniacs and cheap internet should be a given for everyone today.

Last time I bought for 155usd well above my average purchase and I would not be afraid to send something else there, because a good EPS growth is expected and they still have a lot of catching up to do to ATH;)

Thanks for the feedback, definitely an opportunity for the future that is. With any major downturn, I won't even know what to buy first.

So hopefully we will see a bigger drop;) Can you think of any reasons for the market drop?

Great summary and I agree this is a company not to be missed in a portfolio, I like the diversification and also the story of what they have been able to grow from to what it is today. 😊 And I think they have the potential to grow further.

The potential is there of course, would you buy even at today's price?

I'm probably smug about last year's prices, everything seems high to me now, even though in a few years these may be ridiculous prices. So not yet,. 😊