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I see that $LTC-0.4%stock is quite low, the price should rise according to analysts, and the company pays a solid dividend of around 7%. I have $O+0.6% and $VICI+1.2% stocks in my portfolio , but I would be happy to add some more to my portfolio from this sector.

What do you think of$LTC-0.4%stock ?

$31.47 -$0.14 -0.44%
Target Price
41 (+30.28% Upside)

The two you have, I have them too and I'm very happy with them, if there's a drop yet, as my purchases are quite low, I'll buy more. The $LTC-0.4% I don't know much about, but I have another 3 reit in my portfolio and that's $ABR+1.6%

I agree, and thanks for the tip. I'll check out ABR.

I think it's gonna grow this year

Yep, overall REITs should do well this year ( if the Fed lowers rates).

Agreed, will you be buying?