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Caterpillar reported its results, which were positive. I bought $CAT-2.5%stock around the $240 price and I have to say that the current earnings make me happy. The stock is already expensive for me and I will be overbought below $300.

Do you have $CAT-2.5%stock in your portfolio?

$313.70 -$8.20 -2.55%
Fair Price: $488.77
Qxwhqn: 9.43%
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Precious on what basis?

I sold CAT in late 2021 and early 2022 when the P/E and F/PE seemed too high (25 and 20) at $212 and $224 with nice appreciation.

Since then, however, they have made nice gains and are at about 18 and 15 on both metrics, which is below the 5y average and slightly above the 10y median. On most indicators they are realistically -10-20% below the average (and even the sector they dominate).

The growth is assumed to be about 12.5% so the PEG is below 1.5. I've gradually sold off most of the highly cyclical stocks, so that's the only reason I haven't bought them back, otherwise I wouldn't hesitate and certainly wouldn't wait for some token amount of 300 or below my average etc.

Great, thanks for the opinion and for the info. It makes sense and I'll probably buy some more.