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🚀Microsoft $MSFT+0.4% vs Google $GOOGL-1.0%! The ongoing battle of the tech giants! 🌐💹

How are these giants doing in the field of artificial intelligence, and which one do I think is the better choice?

🔍 Microsoft.



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Microsoft dominates the enterprise world and its recent acquisition of video game developer Activision Blizzard has added further momentum. In the second fiscal quarter of2024, revenues gre w by 18 % At USD 62 billion, beating analysts' estimates. The cloud segment showed an uptick of 20 %, with Azure seeing an increase of 30 %. Microsoft has an interesting plan and AI plays a key role to their success.

🚀 Alphabet: Solid, but with question marks

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Alphabet is struggling with a slowing digital advertising market, which has translated into weaker ad revenue growth. Revenues for the quarter rose by 13 %but ad revenue was slightly below expectations. Google Cloud picks up with an increase of 26 %but I don't know how effective they will be with the use of artificial intelligence.

🖥️AI comparisons

Both companies have seen a rise in stock prices, but it seems to me that Microsoft is better prepared for the revolution in AI. Diversified product offerings and strategic alliances with OpenAI gives Microsoft a head start. While Alphabet targets mostly advertising, Microsoft is integrating AI into its products, which I believe promises more lasting success.

💡 My take on the fight: Microsoft is the better choice for me!

Microsoft's plan to use AI looks more promising. With a diverse product portfolio and strategic alliances, it looks like they have more potential in the AIspace . A capable CEO Satya Nadella who has already taken Microsoft to several successes has my confidence. That's why I find Microsoft stock a better choice than Alphabet stock.

What do you think? 🤔 Do you belong to the $GOOGL-1.0%team or the $MSFT+0.4% team ? 💬💼

I more to the $MSFT+0.4% team nothing against $GOOGL-1.0%, I had it, made money on it but sold it, maybe it was wrong but I didn't want to have that much technology and Microsoft I keep and will keep on. Would I be buying now? ...Not yet, I got suckered in by the lower prices and now I don't want to at these prices, however, I wouldn't be afraid to say these giants are going up. With Google I see a bit as a risk still, how they depend on ads a lot, Microsoft is a really great running machine, very diversified and even the AI thing works out for them, so they lead with me. 😊

Exactly, great choice for me too. Of course, I'm waiting for a better price at the moment.

Agreed, although we want to make a profit, but I wish we could get a better price, at least maybe $350 if we could. But it's hard, how do you feel about it? ... because I bought them somewhere around 230$ last time and even though they were 350$ I was like, wow that's too much, well today what would I give for that ... well I'm afraid that in time you'll say, yeah the golden prices that are now ... Simply what I am saying is that although I have learned something in investing, I still can't learn this "feeling" and buy at current prices ...because I often find that the current price is the cheap price in the future. 🙈 ...but of course, it can fall, and it can fall here with AI, but ... 🤔😂

I have both :) and even after reading the comparisons they are on both teams :D

Microsoft is currently a very well oiled machine, but everyone can see that and is priced accordingly. The comment about their position in AI is spot on because for MSFT, any piece of the pie in search is just a nice bonus and their primary goal should be to improve their existing products and services (cloud, office, cyber security, LinkedIn, Github, gaming, etc.) Bing is a long shot in my opinion and would have a significantly better chance if Google lost the lawsuit regarding their payments to Apple. Microsoft probably wouldn't want to pay anything like that. For one thing, it doesn't like being in the eyes of regulators and it might be beneath it, Gates was Jobs' great rival and wouldn't let this happen.

Google has plenty of very capable developers, they're just a bit too lazy to try radical things and have lain low. Anyway, this isn't a sprint, it's a marathon and they need to figure out how not to cannibalize their ad biz with a chat bot.

For me a safer choice to stick with undervalued Google with current valuation than MSFT where no one admits failure.

Both companies are good, but I currently belong to the Microsoft team. Their business is just bulletproof and brilliant. Google is great too, but...I see more potential problems there at the moment. Just considering how much of the revenue is dependent on search and advertising alone. I'm not saying it's completely wrong, but if you put it together with cloud and products, $MSFT+0.4% is more sympathetic to me.