S&P 500 ^GSPC
Nvidia NVDA
Amazon AMZN
Microsoft MSFT
Tesla TSLA
Apple AAPL
Alphabet GOOG

For me it's $ENPH+0.0% 10.4%, $O+0.0% 8.2%, $BATS.L+0.0% 7%, $CVS+0.0% 6% ...and then the next one is more around 4-5%

Great :)


And the stock?

Msft Google O

$CRWD+0.1% $CVS+0.0% $SBUX+0.0% $GOOG+0.0% $BABA+0.0% $PEP+0.0% $PYPL+0.0% $STLA+0.0% $NIO+0.0% $HD+0.0% $AMT+0.0% $BTI+0.0%

Ordered from largest to smallest of course it changes a bit depending on movement, but I plan to change it and I've already cut it down from some 20+ stocks to 12 which I'm glad for, but it's still not the portfolio I want to have. :)

Yeah, I understand, and I appreciate you putting it that way. Well, for me it's about 17 companies at XTB and then at FIO I have KB and CEZ. I will then want to sell some shares but some shares hi turn at a better price bought. So I'll keep it around the 20.