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Interesting investment in the health care and services sector 📈💼

CVS Health $CVS is a global healthcare and pharmacy company with a significant footprint in the US market. Its multi-faceted approach includes pharmacy, healthcare, and even insurance services. CVS' network of pharmacies is widespread and offers comprehensive services, including drug dispensing, health counseling, and immunizations. The company is also committed to providing primary healthcare and striving for innovation in digital health technology.



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$73.85 -$0.52 -0.70%
Target Price
112.63 (+52.51% Upside)

🌐 The Company has continued with its progressive healthcare strategy in recent results, despite competitive Walgreens is signaling a retreat. Acquisition Signify a Oak Street show that CVS is looking to create a closed loop for patients in its own system.

💡Oak Street has seen an increase in patients by 27 % in one year. Signify brought 20% increase in home visits. The exciting alliance with Aetna opens new markets and strengthens value-based care.

🚀 Building a Healthy World: Chief Medical OfficerSree Chaguturu reveals that the goal is to build a world of health around every consumer. Primary care, retail healthcare and home services - key elements for improving health outcomes.

📊 Financial results and outlook: Results exceeded Wall Street expectations , but 2024 brings challenges. Costs for Aetna Medicare Advantage patient services are rising, while CVS Caremark faces lawmakers. Next year's cost estimates reflect the dynamics of a changing healthcare environment.

💊 Trends in obesity treatment: GLP-1 drugs for diabetes are becoming a hit in weight loss for obese patients. CVS expects that 80 % of prescriptions for these drugs will go to patients with type 2 diabetes . Despite the high prices of these drugs, demand is high, which may be good news for investors.

The company's stock seems undervalued to me, so I'm considering buying it, what's your opinion of the company?

I already have some in my portfolio and I'm thinking of adding some

I see I'm gonna do some shopping, too. 😉

Great :)

I have, and I see it very similarly to others, I believe in the company and I believe in growth. Even if some extra growth doesn't come, I get a nice dividend. I've been buying quite a bit below $70 and if the stock gets there again I might overbuy.

Thanks for the comment!

$CVS-0.7% makes up my 6th largest position in the portfolio, with an average purchase of $69. I'm happy here, I think it's a strong company in the industry, it's always trying to move somewhere, it has interesting acquisitions, and the dividend is nice too. If it looks below $70 again, I'd be overbought 😊.

Thanks for the comment, it looks like there are quite a few happy shareholders 😊 So I'll be happy to join you.