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Interesting player in the arms race!⚙️💸

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Lockheed Martin $LMT strikes strategic deal with Turkey to sell F-16 fighter jets for $23 billion. Similar to the Czech Republic making a deal for 24F-35s for 150 billion crowns. These deals are not only significant for the development of the air force, but also for investors.🌍

✈️Turecko plans to expand and modernize its air force with the purchase of 40 new F-16 fighter jets . A deal worth $23 billion also includes upgrading 79 existing aircraft to the new F-16V standard , which represents a significant opportunity for the company.

Given the total deal amounting to 31.6 billionwhich includes the supply of engines, radars and various munitions, this move is key to the company's future development. It is expected that this transaction could generate an operating profit in excess of USD 3.2 billionwhich would represent more than 36 % of the total profit Lockheed Martin in 2023.📡

Longer term, I see potential in $LMT+1.7%stock . With the unabated fighting around the world and the arms race, I find the company's stock an interesting buy.

$463.87 $7.78 +1.71%
Target Price
462.33 (-0.33% Downside)

I believe this strategic deal can strengthen the position Lockheed Martin in the market and deliver attractive returns for investors.

What is your view on this arms giant?

For me a quality and super company and if one shops at a good price it can be a good choice.

Great company in the arms industry, definitely worth at least considering for me.

For me, a great company. Currently it is a bit more expensive, but still not much more. The growth has been nice, but it will be slower in the next few years. The company has managed to show a nice profitability in the last year, so hopefully they can maintain it.

The steady growth is what I like about it, I doubt they won't have contracts.